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Block 6

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Block 6 FAQ

Read tips'n'tricks and answers for typical questions before falling into panic or looking out for who to ask. You will save a lot of time. More info on KOLEJ:Bloky:Blok_6:FaqEN, or ask on our FB group


  • The most recent info can be found on our FB group

Active people on the block and contacts

Registrators and network admin: admin6@sh.cvut.cz
When any unsolvable problem occures, do not worry to contact block representative.


Position Name Room E-mail
AdministratorVojtěch Dušátko401v.dusatko@sh.cvut.cz
registratorsJakub Kameniar240j.kameniar@sh.cvut.cz
 Michal Bambuch314m.bambuch@sh.cvut.cz
 Tomáš Suchomel436t.suchomel@sh.cvut.cz
 Tomáš Kasl229t.kasl@sh.cvut.cz
 Vašek Havránek442v.havranek@sh.cvut.cz
 Filip Aron435f.aron@sh.cvut.cz
 Štěpán Šubík52s.subik@sh.cvut.cz
 Marek Kaufmann409m.kaufmann@sh.cvut.cz
 Vítek Velhartický442v.velharticky@sh.cvut.cz
 Jan Hostaša308j.hostasa@sh.cvut.cz
 Dominik Staněk201d.stanek@sh.cvut.cz

Position Name Room E-mail
Block representativeVáclav Havránek442v.havranek@sh.cvut.cz
Rooms' managementRadovan Juráš324r.juras@sh.cvut.cz
Club / party room managersMarcel Žec341m.zec@sh.cvut.cz
 Radek Štěpánek304radek.stepanek@sh.cvut.cz
Bikes managerFilip Aron435f.aron@sh.cvut.cz
Fitness managerMartin Urban316m.urban@sh.cvut.cz
Equipment managerRadovan Juráš324r.juras@sh.cvut.cz
 Jakub Kameniar240j.kameniar@sh.cvut.cz
 Václav Havránek442v.havranek@sh.cvut.cz
 Anna Kapitánová326a.kapitanova@sh.cvut.cz
 Daniel Babjak405d.babjak@sh.cvut.cz
Arcade room/SHernaLáďa Bakoš531l.bakos@sh.cvut.cz
 Filip Beneš232f.benes@sh.cvut.cz
Pinpong/bicycle room managerFilip Aron435f.aron@sh.cvut.cz
Modelland managerSimona Strádalová338s.stradalova@sh.cvut.cz
 Barbora Markovova328b.markovova@sh.cvut.cz
 Matěj Bělohlávek319m.belohlavek@sh.cvut.cz
Graphic designerMarcel Žec341m.zec@sh.cvut.cz
 Barbora Markovova442b.markovova@sh.cvut.cz
OrganizatorAnna Kapitánová326a.kapitanova@sh.cvut.cz
 Daniel Babjak405d.babjak@sh.cvut.cz
 Sandra Hamrákovák341s.hamrakova@sh.cvut.cz

When you break something or discover something broken, report it to failure system. The sooner you do so, the sooner it may be fixed (usually in 2 days).

  Smoking on public spaces, disturbance of night calm', etc. is direct violation of rules, which can lead to ban from basic
memebership in SH club or even cancelling your accomodation contract.
Penalties for violation of SUZ accomodation rules or other regulation will take place in this order:
1) warning
2) ban from basic membership in SH club
3) application for conditional exclusion from the dorm by SUZ

Block 6 post-adress - Strahov/Blok 6/room XXX, Vaníčkova 7, 160 17 Praha 6

Bed linen change is possible every Tuesday and Wednesday morning/early afternoon on even weeks. If you can't make, leave it together with your dormitory card at the gatekeeper, it will be switched.

Information system SHPersonal information, information about network, contact to registrars and other active people on block
Support SHActual weather on Strahov (meteostation on Block 4), bus connections from/to Strahov
Student union ČVUTWeb page of Student union
SUZ ducomentsDucuments SUZ, forms
Menza StrahovMenza Strahov, food menu

Information for newbies on block 6

You can find clear information for novices on the page [http://wiki.siliconhill.cz/Novacek].
Networks problems send to email admin6@sh.cvut.cz. Message will be sent to all registrators and also to the network admin.
Some of important points you can find bellow.

How to connect to the Internet

1) Fill in the online pre-registration form before visiting registrar. - pre-registration
2) Fill in and sign an application form for membership of the CTU Student Union ((paper form)).
3) Take following items and visit a registrator:
All devices you want to connect to the Internet (laptop, mobile phone, tablet, ...).
The form from step two.
Student card (ISIC, CTU) or ID card.
Connection limit is three devices on wifi and one on cable.

Rules of the site

You are NOT allowed to have your own access points or another network devices (switches, routers etc).
Internet sharing to a friend or roomate, who is not connected to internet, is also not allowed.
It is forbidden to download and share illegal software, especially torrents.
Nevertheless, if you want to test automatic recognition system, you should read Punishments_-_ENGLISH_VERSION on our WIKI.

Network configuration for using WiFi connection

On Wifi page, you can find what setting is neccessary to set up on you laptop.
If your network card supports 5 GHz, use it.
Block is comletely covered by Aruba WiFi.
When you have any problem, contact us by writing an email to admin6@sh.cvut.cz.

Registration a new device to the network

To get registration, you must personnally visit a registrator. Bring your device with you.
Firstly, before you visit the registrator, try to find what your wifi's and/or cable card’s MAC adress is.
How to mac.png

Entrance to the study room and adding card for the block gym

For accessing the study room, in case noone is inside, just go to gatekeeper and ask for a key, they will want your dorm card though.
For accessing the block gym you have to personally visit registrator.
Take your isic or host card (students from different school then CTU) with you.
To get host card, please contact fitcentrum@siliconhill.cz

Moving to another room

If you are moving between rooms at the dorm, you must personally visit a registrator or write to admin e-mail of your new block to let them know. Don't forget to write your UID, your new block/room, and your new room-mate'admin6@sh.cvut.cz.

Special rooms and accessorries

To reservate whichever tool or room it is necessary to create a reservation and THEN communicate with the room manager about borrowing the key or tool.
The reservation is valid only after the deal with the manager has been done.


Location: -1 floor, south
Manager: Martin Urban (316)

  • to get access, registrators can add your ČVUT card to system. (because of ČVUT system, there is usually a delay up to one week)
  • the area is always under a camera surveillance.
  • it is mandatory to read the security rules, so we can avoid potential bans in case of breaking the rules or breaking something else


Location: 4-5th midfloor
Manager: Ivana Szabová (418), Marcel Žec (431)

  • Community room for casual event (b-days etc...)
  • Table football, darts...
  • When returning the keys, it is expected the room will be in the same state as it was before the reservation.
  • Following the rules of this room is a mandatory part of it'reservation.

Club-room rules


Location: 3th floor, south
Managers: Karel Peclinovský (34), Radovan Juráš (326), Jakub Kameniar (240), Martin Holec (502), Tomáš Vencovský (316)

  • equipment is lent only when the dormitory card is shown
  • equipment is expected to be returned in the state it was borrowed (cleaned and stuff)
  • it is your obligation to let the equipment manager know about any damages on the equipment

Please note, that lending is recorded and not returning the item will result in internet BAN:
Vacuum cleaner - 7 days, drills and grills - 5 days, the rest - 3 days List of the equipment:

  • Sport equipment:
    • Pingpong: rackets, balls
    • Darts
    • Petanque
    • Badminton: rackets, balls
    • Squash racket
    • Poker chips
    • Billiard: cues, karambol ball
    • Air pump + needle
  • Tools
    • Set of swerdish keys
    • Set of screwdrivers: -, +, Torx
    • Siko pliers
    • Combined pliers + cutting pliers
    • Multifunctional scissors
    • Hammer
    • Cranking knife
    • Saw: wood, iron
    • Angle
    • Retractable meter - 3m
    • Set of raspers
    • Spiritlevel
    • Drill + drill bits for wood (5-10mm) a bricks (6,8,10)
    • Aku screwdriver
    • Straight cutter
  • Other
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Grill
    • Electric extender
    • Electric voltage tester
    • Multimetr
    • Projector
    • Cloths hanger
    • Paint rollers
    • spray
    • crutch

Table tenis

Location: -1st floor, north
Manager: Filip Aron (435)

  • Keys can be borrowed in exchange for your dormitory card at the B6 gatekeeper

Suitcase room

Location: -1st floor, north
Manager: Marko Šidlovský (332)

  • the same room as Table Tenis, only for storing your stuff over summer holidays.


Location: -1st floor


Umístění: 2nd midfloor


Location: 3rd floor, south
Managers: Simona Strádalová (338), Barbora Markovová (402)

Arcade room (SHerna B6)

Location: 3rd midfloor
Managers: Filip Beneš (232), Láďa Bakoš (531)


Laundry-room [5th floor]

Location: 5th floor

  • keys are borrowed in exchange for your dormitory card at the gatekeeper
  • 2 functional washing machines
  • 30 Kč per one hour of washing machine's work, 15 Kč per half-hour (= washing programs taking up to 30min)

Drying room

Location: 2nd a 4th floor

  • keys are borrowed in exchange for your dormitory card at the gatekeeper

At block 6 have worked..

Representatives of Block 6 Admins Registrators Managers Leaders
  • 2017 -
  • Marko Šidlovský (Marko)
  • 2015 - 2016
  • 2013 - 2014
  • 2011 - 2012
  • 2010 - 2011
  • 2008 - 2010
  • 2006 - 2008
  • Petra Bielčíková (Daphne)
  • 2005 - 2006
  • 2002 - 2004
  • Josef Jaroš, Vladimir Horin
  • 2000 - 2002
  • Vladimír Dubský
  • 1999 - 2000
  • Miloš Dedecek
  • 1998 - 1999
  • J. Novák
  • Tibor Tribus [2018-]
  • Slavomír Kožár [2016-2017]
  • Vojtěch Dvořák [2014-2015]
  • Jan Wimmer [2014]
  • Karel Vencovský [2013]
  • Václav Mach [2012-2013]
  • Póczoš Peter (Poci) [2009-2012]
  • Josef Venzhöffer (Pepajz) [2007-2008]
  • Vít Heřman [2004-2006]
  • Ondřej Petr
  • Marcel Nejezchleb
  • Radovan Igliar
  • Vojtěch Šobaň
  • Karel Kozlovkský
  • Ladislav Dokulil
  • Pavel Dobiáš
  • Josef Jaroš
  • Vladimír Dubský
  • Miloš Dedecek
  • J.Novák
  • Michal Bambuch
  • Vojtěch Dušátko
  • Tomáš Kasl
  • Natálie Gabrielová
  • Tibor Tribus
  • David Zollpriester
  • Juraj Hrenák
  • Zuzana Trnovská
  • Tomáš Suchomel
  • Marko Šidlovský
  • Vojtěch Dvořák
  • Jan Wimmer
  • Jakub Kameniar
  • Vít Diviš
  • Kateřina Červinková
  • Luboš Vinař
  • Karel Vencovský
  • Jakub Macháček
  • Martin Červenka
  • Michal Líska
  • Slavomír Kožár
  • Pavol Šveda
  • Jirka Pečonka
  • Pavel Boček
  • Ernest Pintér (Erni)
  • Jakub Motlík (Ozi)
  • Martin Sivok
  • Roman Kučírek (Kuca)
  • Zbyněk Špaček
  • Tomáš Beránek (Ofecka)
  • Petra Bielčíková
  • Ondřej Šos
  • Ondřej Jůza
  • Vojtěch Zbraněk
  • Daniel Slezák
  • Miroslav Sázovský
  • Radek David
  • Petr Sedlák
  • Radek Dvořák
  • Silvia Čilíková
  • Dušan Talíř
  • Norbert Laposa
  • Alexandr Pánek
  • Pavel Loupal
  • Hynek Černý
  • Jaroslav Horký
  • Martin Jakubec
  • Alena Sedláčková (bikes)
  • Martin Korčák (bikes)
  • Lenka Farkotová (equipment lending)
  • Radovan Juráš (equipment lending)
  • Tomáš Vencovský (equipment lending)
  • Martin Holec (equipment lending)
  • Martin Urban (fitness)
  • Tomáš Suchomel (fitness)
  • Marko Šidlovský (fitness)
  • Karel Peclinovský (equipment lending)
  • Jakub Kameniar (equipment lending)
  • Vít Diviš (equipment lending)
  • Václav Socha (equipment lending)
  • Štěpán Křivanec (fitness)
  • Angelika Průchová (equipment lending)
  • Kateřina Červinková (equipment lending)
  • Angelika Pruchová (equipment lending)
  • Slavomír Kožár (equipment lending)
  • Alexandra Sopoligová (equipment lending)
  • Luboš Vinař (equipment lending)
  • Bohumil Šareš (equipment lending)
  • Miroslav Kouba (equipment lending)
  • Póczoš Peter (equipment lending)
  • Pavel Boček (equipment lending)
  • Pavol Šveda (equipment lending)
  • Lucka Miklášová (storage)
  • Roman Kučírek (fitness)
  • Zbyněk Špaček (fitness)
  • Gabriela Styborová (grill)
  • Miroslav Baloga(bikes)
  • Nikola Křenková (storage)
  • Jitka Zátková
  • Martina Krajdlová
  • Markéta Vlková
  • Radoslava Jandová
  • Libuše Vlková

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