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I've found something broken, what do I do?

All repairs are maintained by SUZ. Should you encounter any problem regarding water taps, blocked drainage, running toilet etc., don't be afraid to report it.
You can do so here: Failures.

What to do in case of someone interrupting the night piece

1. personally come to the person and try to solve the situation by talk. If talk fails -> point 2.

2. go to the doorkeeper and let him know what's going.

3. go to the doorkeeper and write the name of the guilty one to the Book. Rest will handle the block keeper.

P.S.: try to tolerate each other. After all, we're just at dorms. If it's before midnight, maybe try to forgive them...

The Internet doesn't work. I had my own wifi AP in the room

Automatic system recognized you had a wifi AP connected and disconnected you. Because of the rules, you won't have access to internet for next 6 months. FeelsBadMan.

The Internet doesnt work. Have I violated any rules?

You can check the rules and sanctions [here]

The Internet doesn't work. I haven't extended my membership. Can you connect me just the pay the membership fee?

Unfortunatelly, registrators can't do such, not even for 5 minutes. The system does not allow to activate a membership of someone, who hasn't paid.

Where do I pay for the Sillicon Hill membership?

Memberships are paid to the SH club account - more info at fee calculator. You can find the bank here.

When am I supposed to visit a registrator?

Well, you wouldn't be happy, if someone woke you up at 7:30, would you? Evening is the same story. Try to respect their privacy and try to visit them between 10AM and 22PM.

I am moving to another room, so I need to move my Internet access too

Once you were registered, you don't need to register again (even if you left Strahov whatsoever). Visit a registrator and let them know, to which room you are moving and who your new roommate is. Take ID/ISIC with you.

Why am I supposed to be kind to the registrators and other active members on the block and ask them for things politely?

Because they are volunteers and without claim to any reward. And so they are not obliged to help you with stuff, should you show no politenes at all..

I'd like help with running the block. What do I do?

We'll gladly accept you. Just visit the representative of the block.

Why should we greet each other at the dorm?

Because that's what people do. If you meet someone regurarly, try to change few words with him rather then passing him by like some kind of ghost.

I've got a ban, what do I do?

Contact the one who banned you. If you don't know what to do, contact the representative of the block (Marko Šidlovský, 332).

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