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Study room 6

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About this project

Study room of Block 6 serves to all residents of this Strahov block. It might be used not only for studying and drawing but also as a computer room. At the same it has a function of local social and conference room of the block.

Study room usage rules

  • People who want to study in the room always have priority!
  • Only students with valid accomodation card have access to the room.
  • By borrowing the keys you agree to be responsible for all people, who enter the room - no matter if they came with you or not.
  • Study room is primarily available to those, who would like to study/work quietly. It is not intended for organising noisy night parties. This is especially valid in the exam period.
  • If you damage or find damaged equipment in the study room, your are obliged to immediatelly report it to the study room administator, otherwise you have full resposibility for those damages.
  • If you see somebody braking the rules of the study room, contact the administrator of this room.
  • Don't take the equipment out of the study room (tables, chairs,...)
  • Don't take the key of study room outside of the block.
  • Keep the room tidy and clean.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the room.
  • Take health precautions while staying in the room.
  • Respect college regulations of SÚZ ČVUT and valid laws of ČR (22:00 silent hours…).
  • If you borrowed the key and leave the room sooner than others, it is necessary to hand over the key to other student in exchange for his accomodation card which you than exchange for your accomodation card at the reception.
  • Before leaving revert the state of the room to original condition.
  • Don´t forget to take all your personal things. Valuable forgotten things will be kept at the reception or by the study room administrator. Other forgotten things (such as drawings, notes, pencils, ...) might be thrown out.
  • Before leaving check if windows are closed, all the trash is in the bin, lights are switched off, desktop PC and its monitor are turned off and also be sure to properly close and lock the door.

Desktop PC usage rules:

  • Desktop PCs are primarilly designated for studying purposes.
  • You have full responsibility for all actions executed on the desktop PCs.
  • Any hardware manipulation including cable reconnecting is prohibited.
  • Do not install any software.
  • We take no responsibility for the loss of data or damage to your data media (including USB flash drives)
  • Don't consume any food or beverages anywhere near the desktop PCs.

By taking over the key you confirm that you properly read and agree with the above-mentioned rules. All violations of the study room rules will be dealt with on Silicon Hill club level, in more serious cases on SÚZ ČVUT level or even by the Police of ČR.


  • 1x PC with internet connection
  • 1x WIFI AP (registration on admin6[at]sh.cvut.cz)
  • 2x drawing-board
  • 8x table and several chairs/armchairs :-)
  • PING-PONG (summer operation!)

Location and contacts

  • The room can be found on block 6, 1.-2. sublevel (above block reception)
  • Keys of the study room can be obtained on block's reception againts your accomodation card
  • Operation time: variable by verbal agreement
  • If you have any questions write to admin6[at]sh.cvut.cz

  • Study room administrator: Jan Závitkovský (Zejwy) 6/034

From project history

Changelog ToDo Project solvers
  • 1.2011 - New curtains
  • 9.2010 - Reparation and putting into service 1PC station
  • 5.2009 - WIFI AP installed
  • 1.2009 - old functionless PCs removed
  • 5.2006 - furniture moving, switch exchange
  • 4.2006 - 2nd PC station installed, autologin adjustment
  • 9.3.2006 - we got another 4 PC stations from Siemens
  • 1.3.2006 - the first terminal installed, function of PC study room started
  • 21.1.2006 - Study room has net connection. Usage of sinners on net service.
  • 11.1.2006 - Radovan worked out the plan of reconstruction and proposal of budget for equipment renewal.
  • 11.1.2006 - got permissoin for redrilling net structure from server room to study room
  • 3.1.2006 - arrived 17" CRT Compaq to terminal stations
  • 11.12.2005 - diacritic modification, WHERE ... on terminal server
  • 22.11.2005 - got perhaps the last unbroken HW from contact to FEL from Pavel
  • 16.11.2005 - putting into service of terminal station (client)
  • 14.11.2005 - terminal server activated on sestka.sh.cvut.cz
  • 9.11.2005 - management of club approved the budget from project fund
  • 8.11.2005 - got another HW (M.Velek, Siemens, ...), testing of got HW
  • 8.11.2005 - configuration of active net elements, block server
  • 6.11.2005 - got hardware for hard-driveless stations
  • 15.10.2005 - got spaces for study room from SÚZ
  • painting and reconstruction of the room
  • new furniture
  • reconstruction, installation of new equipment and furniture
  • creation of informative system for study room's users control
  • reservation of rooms and furniture from SÚZ
  • another hard-driveless PC stations equipment for study room
  • camera security system
  • elektronic card acces to study room
  • scanner, printer
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