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GC 2014
GC 2014


The Grill Center (GC) is located behind the Block 11. The area is fenced, with outdoor seating, grill and own toilets.

Three booking options:

  • the entire center, including a mobile grill (in reservation system choose both Grill center and Mobile grill)
  • the entire center, without a mobile grill (called Grill center)
  • only mobile grill (no access to Grill Center, called Mobile grill)


Barbecue season has ended on 11th November 2019. Looking forward to next year!

Inventory of GC

  • Mobile grill
  • Brick fireplace
    • Tools for piglet grilling with electronical turning engine
  • Reversing pliers, etc.
  • 10x tables with banks


  • Contact: grill@sh.cvut.cz

Online reservation

  • Through the GC website
  • Login is the same as in IS


Borrowing rules

  1. You will need basic Silicon Hill club membership.
    • The key is rented only to a member of the Silicon Hill club, which has produced a reservation through the online booking system and sing the pick-up form
  2. Grillcentre can be rented only after reservation on the web
  3. Reservation must authorize the one of Grillcentre keepers
  4. You must fill and prefilled sign borrowing document which you get during online reservation (preview available here). You will be asked for it during the keys handover.
  5. It's necessary to write an email a day before (two days during czech holidays) and arrange for the handover of keys!

Terms of returning

  1. The keys will be returned no later than the following day, depending on the agreement with the administrator
  2. GC will be cleaned up, that means:
    • Take out the trash (also from trash bins)
    • Selected ash from the grill
    • Clean ground (all mess like broken glass, papers, etc.)
    • Tables
      • Wiped
      • Returned to its original location (if you have moved them /not recommended/)
  3. Electrical switchboard is will be turned off
  4. Clean sanitary facilities


  1. My friend has created an online reservation, can I him/her pick-up the keys?
    • No, the keys can be borrowed only to the user, who has the online reservation.
  2. When I have to return the keys?
    • It depends on the agreement with the administrator, but no later than 2 PM.
  3. Where I can get firewood?
    • You are borrowing grillcentre without firewood or charcoal.
  4. Is there any borrowing fee?
    • No, there is not.
  5. My reservation is third in the row.
    • It means that 2 people must cancel reservation than you get yours.
  6. Must I bring reservation document?
    • Yes, you must.
  7. How I can change reservation status from pre-booking to confirmed?
    • You can't. It must make it the one of grillcentre keepers.
  8. Is there special rule for holiday reservation?
    • No, but you should arrange the keys handover earlier than one day before.
  9. Can I borrow only mobile grill and make my party outside of grillcentre?
    • Yes, you can. Just select "only mobile grill" option during making reservation.
  10. How to use electrical switchboard?


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