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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions/User accounts, registration

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Who is my admin?

List of admins is at http://wiki.siliconhill.cz/VEDENI:Lide#Admini_blok.C5.AF. Their deputies should have the same permissions as admin, this varies from block to block. List of deputies is generally on the doors of admin, server's room or on the bulletin board of the block.

Admin would like to know my network interface card number (MAC address), what is this number?

Every network inteface card (NIC) has its unique 12-digit hexadecimal number (MAC address). Your MAC should be registered by your administrator in our database so you can have exclusive access to your account. The MAC address can be found in Windows following the next procedure:

  • Go to the "start" menu
  • Click on "Run" to open a dialog enter "'cmd'" and hit enter, that will run command line
  • In command line type "ipconfig /all"
  • For WiFi MAC address look for "Wireless" or "WiFi". For cable connection try to find something like "Ethernet" or "Local Area Network", not every notebook have nowadays integrated Ethernet. With these numbers and your device you can visit registrator or admin.

How I can connect my computer by cable without integrated Ethernet port?

There is only one way - buy USB Ethernet adapter.

At this time (2017) you can buy one from ebay for only 2$, but it's not a good decision. These adapters are often very bad copies. If they work, then they usualy transfer data slowly - for example instead of 12 MegaBytes they ran only 600 kiloBytes (they run 20 times slower then standart).

So another option is to buy some low-end adapter, like "Axago ADE-XA" or "Edimax EU-4208", from normal czech e-shop. They cost around 16$, but run at 12 MegaBytes and you have also 2-year warranty.

Last option is for those, who need speed for any cost. For about 26$ you can buy 1 Gbps USB Ethernet adapter, e. g. "I-TEC USB 3.0 Metal Gigabit Ethernet", which runs theoretically at 120 MegaBytes.

I asked admin to register me, but my registration haven't been fulfiled up to now. What can I do and who can help me?

If elapsed time from initial request is between 3 and 7 days (depends on time when the registration is done - at start of semester, first 3-7 days - it can take even a week), ask your admin, or send a mail to domain admin. Also you can participate meeting of clubs deputies.

What should I do, in case I want account on a certain server?

You could come to the registration room in office hours and registrate the account. New account has default password, that can be found on Personal page. After some time the account is registred and you will be able to login. You can also write mail to your admin and wait, until he/she registers the new account.

What should I do, if I've forgotten my password?

Please come to the registration room (generally server room or admin's room) in office hours. You can also write a mail to the server's admin. Your forgotten password can't be gathered, however it can be changed or reseted to default password. New accounts are set to your default password. It can be found on http://dusps.sh.cvut.cz/personal/ , you should access this page from your own computer. We recommend to change your password for your accounts, and keep it secret. If you don't have a chance to read your password (your PC is disconnected), ask your admin about your default password.

What should I do, if I want to change my existing password?

Connect to your server with telnet, SSH (from Windows via putty). After issuing passwd command you will be asked for your old password. Then new password should be typed twice. As a next step, issue command logout.

How can I change my address?

Instructions for setting up an address in IS

1. Signing in

Sign in on the page of IS. Direct link to IS

  • user and password are the same as for the Silicon Hill WiFi
  • we recommend you signing into IS while connected to SH Network. The system will automatically recognize you and fill in the username for you.

2. Birthplace

After signing in, you will see your profile. Please check if the box "Place of birth" is correctely filled .

Is address profil.png

If not, please, contact a registrator at your block and and visit them with an ID card or passport.

3. Permanent address

Click on the "Addresses" bookmark and check your permanent address.

Is adresa eng.png

If it is not filled correctly, please, rewrite it.

Is adresa form eng.PNG

Keep your address info updated. If your place of residence is different from your permanent address, you can always add a new contact address.

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