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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions/Network settings

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I have got cable and admin's agreement, how do I configure my computer for working on the internet?

We assume usage of MS Windows. In network properties you support of protocol TCP/IP. In properties of protocol TCP/IP you set on tab IP address the following option: Get address from server DHCP and then restart your system. This way your computer sets automatically its IP address. Keep on mind, that update on DNS and DHCP servers is ongoing once a day. This implies that after registration of new PC at admin you will get connected on the next day. After reset run the winipcfg (for W9x) program -- where you issue commands Refresh and than Details. In Windows 2000 it is the ipconfig with certain parameters. If you see, that no parameters are missing and your IP address is in form 147.32.*.*. If after Refresh computer the computer freezed for a few minutes and than written an error message saying that computer cannot connecto to DHCP or gathered incorrect address (e.g. 169...), than find your televizor and ask for an IP address. Than you should set this IP address manually.

How do I set IP address manually?

Use this option only in case that setting by DHCP does not work. Usage of MS Windows is assumed. In properties of network you add support for protocol TCP/IP. In properties of TCP/IP protocol in tab IP address set Set IP address manually. For respective input fields fill in your IP address, netmask (On Strahov netmask is not united, ask your admin or check the information on bulletin board), gateway (can be gathered the same way as netmask). Voluntarily set other items that can be found at [#servery list of servers] (DNS, WINS). At the end fill in field host (hostname), the name of your PC. To the field domain type "sh.cvut.cz". As a next step restart your system. In this way your PC sets its IP address. Keep on mind, that update of DNS and DHCP servers is once every night, so if you've registrated right now, you'll be able to connect on the next day. After reset run winipcfg (ipconfig on Windows 2000 and newer) and you'll see the values you have set in pervious steps. In case the net does not work, find your televizor and kindly ask for his/her help.

How do I know that net is working?

Try on your computer issuing command ping: ping IP_gateway, where IP_gateway is the IP address of router, where you are connected. This program send data to the given address and checks if it returns. If in the result you see ...100% lost... or lines with ...Request timed out..., internet is down or not computer isn't properly configured. You can download program pinger that tests connectivity to the most important servers on strahov's net.

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