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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions/Important IP addresses and servers

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Does 147.32.*.* belong only to CVUT?

Yes, 147.32.*.* ( is assigned only to CTU in Prague.

Range of IP address for the dormitories of CTU
Dormitory Domain IP range IP range UNIX style Information server
Podolí pod.cvut.cz 147.32.88-95.*


Masaryčka mk.cvut.cz 147.32.96-97.*


Hlávkova kolej hk.cvut.cz 147.32.98.* -
Dejvická dk.cvut.cz 147.32.107.*


Dimitrovova dik.cvut.cz 147.32.108.*


Bubeneč buk.cvut.cz 147.32.104-105.*


Sinkule sin.cvut.cz 147.32.110-111.*


Strahov sh.cvut.cz 147.32.112-127.*


Note: Net on Hlavkově koleji is not the part of SU net

Important servers of Silicon Hill
Name Function Address IP IPv6
primary DNS main nameserver ns.sh.cvut.cz 2001:718:2::6
secondary DNS secondary main nameserver ns2.sh.cvut.cz 2001:718:2:0:217:a4ff:fe3f:b3d4
timeserver server for clock synchronization time.sh.cvut.cz
www servers most important info www.sh.cvut.cz 2001:718:2::8
mail servery failover mail servers mail.sh.cvut.cz, 2001:718:2:0:20e:a6ff:fe4a:ac5d, 2001:718:2:0:217:a4ff:fe3f:b3d4
news server discussion groups localnews.sh.cvut.cz
ftp server archive ftp.sh.cvut.cz 2001:718:2::5
www proxy server failover proxy cache.sh.cvut.cz:3128, 2001:718:2:0:211:d8ff:fee4:e93f, 2001:718:2:0:210:dcff:fe4a:f5e1
Wins primary WinS server veverka.sh.cvut.cz
Wins secondary WinS server veverka.sh.cvut.cz

Table of main block servers
block Main block server Information pages
2 Stoupa stoupa
3 Heptium heptium
4 Logout logout
5 Nightmare nightmare
6 Šestka sestka
7 Heptium heptium
8 Klokan klokan
9 Devítka devitka
10 Desítka desitka
11 Veverka veverka

Is it possible to know on which block certain computer is situated according to IP address?

Yes, it is possible, except the backbone servers. These computers are connected directly to the gigabit SH backbone, their IP addresses are from range 147.32.127.*, 147.32.30.*, 147.32.31.* and are situated in Central server room at block 8, or in the server rooms of other blocks.

The range of IP addresses for blocks at Strahov
IP range IP range UNIX style Block (floor)
147.32.98.* Hlávkova kolej
147.32.112.* Blok 2
147.32.113.* Blok 3
147.32.114.* Blok 4 (2.-5. patro)
147.32.115.* Blok 5
147.32.116.* Blok 6
147.32.117.* Blok 7 (S + 0.-3. patro)
147.32.118.* Blok 8
147.32.119.* Blok 9
147.32.120.* Blok 10
147.32.121.* Blok 11 Blok 2 Blok 3 Blok 4 (S + 0.-1. patro) Blok 5 Blok 6 Blok 7 (4.-5. patro) Blok 8 Blok 2 Blok 9 Blok 10 Blok 11+12
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