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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions/FTP - File transfer protocol

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How can I connect to an FTP server?

At first you should get software, that can manage connection with the server. It is the so called client. Primitive clients are included in operation system Windows or Linux. They work the same way. Try to run program ftp. It has a command line interface. Command open allows you to connect to server of your choice, in most cases with [#zkratky-url URL]. You are prompted to enter username and password. Some servers enable connection as an anonymous user - you fill in the username Anonymous and as a password you enter your email address. In this way you connect to server and are able to browse the directory tree (command CD). Moreover can view current working directory (PWD), download and upload files (commands PUT and GET). Working directory on your local computer can be changed issuing command LCD. To disconnect enter the QUIT command. Of course, day-to-day work with this client is not so comfortable, however there is a great variety of graphical FTP clients, that are controlled with mouse and arrows (Cute FTP, Windows/Total Commander and others).

What servers can I use on Strahov?

All main blocks' servers support FTP service. By FTP it is possible to easily update files (particularly on you personal webpage). Main FTP server on SH is ftp://ftp.sh.cvut.cz . It contains loads of freeware, especially linux distribution mirrors. With FTP you can connect to ftp://share.sh.cvut.cz ,that is archive of Audiovisual center. Strahov net makes it possible users to create their own FTP server on their computers. You can connect to these home made ftp servers, if the respective admin allows you. Keep on mind prohibition of distributing illegal copies of software and audiovisual materials - this applies also to service FTP.

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