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Blok 8 (česká verze)


Network Connection

Block Representative

Email: vojtech.smejkal@sh.cvut.cz
Room: 414A

Net Admin

Email: o.hollmann@sh.cvut.cz
Jabber: otah@jabber.cz
Room: 214A

Registration & Support

Petr Dostál 304B
Jan Cimoradský 401B
Kateřina Kasalová 408A
Jan Uhlík 214B
Kateřina Jiříková 214B

Email to all administrators: admin8@sh.cvut.cz
Payment information - https://is.sh.cvut.cz/

Block 8 Administration

Block Manager

  • Němcová Eva
    • 1st floor – in front of 104
    • nemcovae@suz.cvut.cz
    • (+420) 234 678 228

Working hours of block 8 office Úklid buňky
Between 1st and 15th of the month

Mo, Tu, We, Th - 08:00 – 11:00, 12:00 - 14:00
Fr - 08:00 – 11:00

After the 15th until the last day of the month
Mo, Tu, We, Th - 08:00 – 10:00 , 12:00 – 13:00
Fr - 08:00 – 10:00

Cleaning is irregular, at least 1 time per week
It is cleaned up in the common spaces– corridor, kitchen, WC, bathroom
You have to take your trash into container in front of block by yourself! Cleaning lady is not your slave!!!
We give BANs on IT membership for trash placed in the corridor:

  • 1. offense - BAN for 1 day
  • 2. offense - BAN for 2 days
  • 3. offense - BAN for 3 days
  • and so on, until you realise, that your mommy is not here to do it for you ;)

Note: at the time to clean up the cells please open up space in the corridor and the kitchen area, otherwise it won’t be possible to clean up regularly.
Toilet paper is available at the office or at the reception. You can also ask the cleaning lady.

Special-interest Rooms and and their administrators

Room / To lend Where Administrator (room) Entrance / Rules Note
AVC SH Basement avc@siliconhill.cz After an agreement of AVC administrator or member Audiovisual center Silicon Hill
Noiseproof audiovisual studio
GRILL 8/414B Michal Jurásek (8/414B) After an agreement, against accomodation card and deposit 1000 CZK
SH - ISC sublevel 3-4 Zbyšek Záliš Language courses International Student Club - Strahov international student center
CHAPEL sublevel 2-3 Josef Hák (privat) Registrations here Club room
- Tuesday 20:00 – 23:00 Catholic evening with worship (Vladimír Slámečka)
- Wednesday 20:00 – 22:00 Ecumenical fellowship
GYM basement Jan Lancinger (311A) ATTENTION! For safety reasons, at least two people must to be present at the same time.
Everybody must use his/her own CTU card to enter the gym.
You must immediately report any potential faults to the administrator!!!
LAUNDRY basement Keys in the reception Fee - 30CZK for every 60 minutes
You must immediately report any potential faults at the reception!!!
RECREATION ROOM 4 - 5 sublevel Dušan Stěhule (207A) After an agreement of administrators, keys against accomodation card and deposit 1000CZK You must immediately report any potential faults to the administrator!
5 - 6 sublevel Reservation system (in preparation, see note) Fotbálek SH
LUGGAGE ROOM Switch rooms Kateřina Kasalová (408A) Arrangement for storing things in the luggage room can be found here
TUMBLE DRYER 3rd floor Keys in the reception Fee - 10CZK for every 30 minutes
VACUUM CLEANER 8/414B Michal Jurásek (8/414B) Against accomodation card
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