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Basic information

Postal address - PACKAGES postal address - letter
Koleje Strahov 7/your room's number)Koleje Strahov 7/(your room's number)
Vaníčkova 7Olympijská 1903/3
Praha 6Praha 6
169 00169 00

Facebook group

Office opening hours

Day a.m. p.m.
before 15th day in the month
monday-thursday8:00 - 11:0012:00 - 14:00
friday8:00 - 11:00
after 15th day in the month
monday-thursday8:00 - 10:0012:00 - 13:00
friday8:00 - 10:00
Dan Mikulčík137Dan.Mikulcik@cvut.cz

Active members and contacts

Registrators and Admin Bloku: admin7@sh.cvut.cz

Do you have nay problems with internet network or do you need to be registered into Silicon Hill club? Contact registrators and admin using email above.

Do you have any bugger issue or you do not know who to contact?? Contact Block representative he/she will be glad to help.

Position Whole name Room number E-mail
Block representativeMartin Vitoušek406m.vitousek@sh.cvut.cz
Deputy Block representativeMartin Houska510m.houska@sh.cvut.cz
AdminsVojtěch Nevřela528v.nevrela@sh.cvut.cz
Tomáš Hojek331t.hojek@sh.cvut.cz
RegistratorsDavid Kazák213d.kazak@sh.cvut.cz
Tomáš Havrda311t.havrda@sh.cvut.cz
Michaela Tomanová402michaela.tomanova@sh.cvut.cz
Lukáš Nesvadba428l.nesvadba@sh.cvut.cz
Lukáš Pekař502l.pekar@sh.cvut.cz
Jan Langmaier540j.langmaier@sh.cvut.cz
WIKI administratorsAdam Rojík241a.rojik@sh.cvut.cz
Jan Brtna331j.brtna@sh.cvut.cz

Room Location Manager Room E-mail
GymUnderground floorAlena Kužmová536a.kuzmova@sh.cvut.cz
Billiardbetween 1st and 2nd floorLukáš Jogl411j.jogl@sh.cvut.cz
Adam Rojík241a.rojik@sh.cvut.cz
Ping PongUnderground floorAdam Rojík241a.rojik@sh.cvut.cz
Anna Lešingrová509a.lesingrova@sh.cvut.cz
Study roombetween 3rd and 4th floorLukáš Pekař502l.pekar@sh.cvut.cz
Alena Kužmová536a.kuzmova@sh.cvut.cz
Common roombetween 4th and 5th floorJakub Šejna539jakub.sejna@siliconhill.cz
Michaela Tomanová402michaela.tomanova@sh.cvut.cz
Vojtěch Nevřela540v.nevrela@sh.cvut.cz
Miriam Reichlova536m.reichlova@sh.cvut.cz
BikeroomMiroslav Mikulajský516m.mikulajsky@sh.cvut.cz
Storage roomsouth side of 1st floorZdeněk Leitner514z.leitner@sh.cvut.cz
Kateřina Zaiblová527k.zaiblova@sh.cvut.cz
Jan Langmaier540j.langmaier@sh.cvut.cz
Lukáš Jogl411j.jogl@sh.cvut.cz
Laundry roomsouth side of 5th floorJakub Šejna539jakub.sejna@siliconhill.cz
Jiří Nýč524j.nyc@sh.cvut.cz
Drying roomnorth side of 4th floorReception
Vacuum cleanerDavid Kovář 327d.kovar@sh.cvut.cz
plates for bakingReception

note: For those who does not carry compass in their head: north is by the reception and south is situated to buzerak.

note2: Who does not know what buzerak means... everyone know this at strahov so no explanation needed :)

Important information

Defects that you cause or discover, report to závadový systém. report the earlier the fault is reported, the earlier it can be corrected (usually within 2 days).

Závady SUZ.jpg

Lodging of visitors:

Do you need to accommodate someone (friend, dad, mom, or your girlfriend)? Nothing is a problem, the only thing you have to report to the concierge. ut be careful, in one month you can only have 10 visits and only 3 days in a row.

Watch it :)

Waste and recycled material:

We dispose of our own waste. We do not leave them behind the door, nor do we drop them into a trash in the kitchen. We deliver the waste to the bins before the block.

Containers for plastic, paper and glass can be found at block 6 or at the "buzerak" under the playground.

Pets on a block Do you want to have your pet in the dorm? No problem. Go to the office, fill in the formular and you will have to pay a small fee for it (about 50 CZK for month)

Penalties for violation of the SUZ accommodation order or other SH prescription are in the following points:

"Offense" (short lift)
Interruption of nighttime without announcement
Permanent waste disposal and leaving behind the door

2.Ban for basic membership SH
3.Request for conditional exclusion

Other important web pages:

Informační systém SHOsobní údaje, údaje o síti, kontakt na registrátory a aktivní lidi na bloku
Support SHaktuální počasí na Strahově (meteostanice na bloku 4), spoje z/na Strahov
Studentská unie ČVUTstránky Studentské unie
SUZ dokumentydokumenty SUZ, žádosti, formuláře
Menza StrahovMenza Strahov, jídelníček

Internet network rules

How to connect to the Internet

1) Fill in the pre-registration online form - Odkaz na předregistraci
2) To complete and sign an application for membership of the Student Union, CTU (paper form - available to registrars)
3) Take with you the device you want to connect to the Internet with 3x WI-FI and 1x cable (laptop, mobile, tablet, ...)
4) Do not forget the student card (ISIC, CTU) or ID card!

Network usage rules

Is prohibited:

  • It is to create custom access points or connect other network devices (routers, switches, etc.)
  • Internet sharing to a friend or roommate who does not pay for an Internet connection
  • Download or share illegal software, especially with torrents
  • Pointing to Silicon Hill's IP range of a domain other than .sh.cvut.cz and siliconhill.cz

In the first and second case, the access point you created may interfere with the operation of Silicon Hill WI-FI!
If you have a new access point in your neighborhood (new WI-FI), then do not be afraid to contact admina / shortcut admina (the search can be traced!).

If you still want to try an automatic recognition system, please also read sazebník_trestů na klubové Wiki.

Register a new device into the network

For registration of a new device is necessary to personally visit the registrar (or admina / agent admina) or write an email to admin7@sh.cvut.cz.
It is important to tell us your UID, the type of device you want to register (computer, mobile, tablet, ...), and the MAC address of the WI-FI card (or MAC address of the wired connection).

How do I find the MAC address if I have Windows? (sample is for WIN 8, WIN 8.1, WIN 10)
Windows - MAC address?
PS: If you are using WIN 7 and older, then the procedure is similar: START -> in the search box, write: CMD -> ENTER -> the same window as in the picture opens (MAC address display is the same).

How do I find the MAC address if I have Linux?
Linux - MAC address?

How do I find the MAC address of my mobile (tablet)? (mobile / tablet demonstration with Android OS)
Android - MAC address?
PS: The pop-up button (containing the Advanced) may not always be placed on the bottom bar.

Změna MAC adresy již registrovaného zařízení

Change the MAC address of an already registered device.

Set up WiFi devices

The block is completely covered by Aruba wireless technology.
Possible problems with WiFi messaging including the problem time on admin7@sh.cvut.cz.

Set up your WI-FI connection on your mobile (android):
Android - WI-FI connection

Set up a WI-FI connection on Linux:
Linux - WI-FI connection

Set up WI-FI connections on Windows OS:
Windows - WI-FI connection

Moving to another room

For relocation, you must contact the registrar (or admina / admina representative) personally or by e-mail at admin7@sh.cvut.cz.
It is important to know the room number to which you are moving and the name of the new roommate so that we do not disconnect from the wrong network.

An example of how an email might look like at admin7@sh.cvut.cz:

please move me to Room No. 750.
myUID: xxxx
my new room mate: Bruce Lee

Jan Novák


Kufrárny B7 wiki.jpg


We have two types of gym in Strahov. On block 2, we have a large Fitness Silicon Gym, where you have to pay Sports membership (there are lots of benefits, coaches, massages, solarium, group exercises, etc.).

More information: Fitcentrum Silicon Gym

Smal gym:

We have a small gym in our block. It's not as big as the big ones, but you're going to practice the basic training.

If you want to go to the gym, you have to have a "Small Gym" service in IS. This service will be assigned to you by any Registrar or Smal gym Administrator. However, it is important to have the CTU's personal number entered in IS.

Do you have any questions (are you studying another university, etc.)? Status is behind the Smal Gym administrator or the Block Representative (he is also the Head of the whole sport at SH) and they will advise you.

Kontakty na správce

Biliard room

The pool is newly moved to the mezzanine above the gatehouse. We try to make our billiards a place for relaxation and relaxation so you will find not only the pool itself but also a couch on which you can relax relatively.

It is best to make a reservation to the room because it is now very much used and then with the administrator to negotiate the key lending.

Kontakty na správce

Rezervace kulečníkové místnosti

Zobrazení externích informací bohužel vyžaduje povolený JavaScript. Pro zobrazení informací si ho, prosím, povolte.

Study room

Do you need to be quiet about learning, do you need to change the place or work space for you and your friends? For these reasons we have a Studovna here. You will find the study room in 3rd - 4th interlayer.

Equipment of the study room
Large chalkboard on the wall - a really big area for your calculations, sketches or notes
Color chalks
Large work table for about 10 people (two connected tables)
Classical table for a small group
Classic Stands for connecting your computer to a small group
Two drawing chalk boards for chalk washing

We plan to place a screen projector in the study so that he can make the most of learning.

The keys are for borrowing at the concierge (prepare a "Kolejenka (ID card of dormitoty).

The room is not meant for celebrations! Keep your order here!

Kontakty na správce

Common room

A place to relax and enjoy. You can sit here or arrange a small party or watch a movie.

The key is borrowed against the collector and the return is expected to be in the same or better condition. Which means you're going to carry your garbage, roll back the furniture, and if you drop something, then wipe it out. We try to clean the ladies' cleaners in the room, but we all know how good their work is at times (you can find everything in the Rules of the Meeting Room).

And as always - consider the co-owners on the block. Closed doors are a prerequisite, but they do not take everything;)

Kontakty na správce

PRAVIDLA SPOLEČENSKÉ MÍSTNOSTI: Soubor:Pravidla společenské místnosti BLOK 7.pdf

Rezervace společenské místnosti

Zobrazení externích informací bohužel vyžaduje povolený JavaScript. Pro zobrazení informací si ho, prosím, povolte.


Bicycle storage

On our block we have three bicycle storagein total: - Basement

- 3.level

- 4.level

If you need to keep your bike in the bicycle storage, contact their administrators. There are still places.

Kontakty na správce

Ping pong

In the basement of our block you will find a brand new ping pong table :) if you want to play with your friends nothing better than to go to our administrators and lend the keys from this room.

So far, you have to have your bats :) but it's already working to give you both the bats and the balls. Kontakty na správce


In shed we have most of the equipment. You can borrow it from any store manager and return it to anyone. Admins are more so that there is a greater chance of getting at least one at a time. But be aware that they are people like you - with school and work, and if you do not get anybody, try it in a few hours :)

Equipment of Common room
Audio system
Table and Chair
Equipment - tools
Set of spanner
Set limner
Plastering set
Badminton set

Kontakty na správce


Rezervace grilu

Zobrazení externích informací bohužel vyžaduje povolený JavaScript. Pro zobrazení informací si ho, prosím, povolte.


The laundry is located on the 5th floor of the south(further from the reception) by the staircase. The keys from the laundry are borrowed at the reception.

The price for washing = 30 Kč/h

Washingmachine for 10 kg
Washingmachine for 5 kg
Dryer for 5 kg

The washing machine's manuals are mounted on the wall in the laundry room.

Kontakty na správce NOTE: The washing machine can adjust the washing time and the jar (depending on the weight of the laundry) (so that the laundry is well washed). The time you see when starting the machine is indicative.

Dryer room

You will find the dryer room on the 4th floor of the NORTH beside the elevator. If you want to dry things up in the dryer, pick up the keys to the VRÁTNICI against the collector.

Or you can try to borrow at other dryers.


There are two vacuum cleaners on the block (one temporarily out of service). You can lend your vacuum cleaners to the Administrators versus the collector.

You want to be sure you can rent a vacuum cleaner? Talk to the trustee in advance.

Kontakty na správce


At reception you can borrow a iron.

Co dělat když ...

...zjistím závadu ve společných prostorách

Nahlásit na vrátnici do knihy závad. Stářím odejde všechno(tady platí dvojnásob), takže pokud přestane hřát plotna v kuchyni, nebo se ucpe sprcha a další "drobnosti", hned to jděte bonznout na vrátnici, servisák SUZu (prý) obchází po strahově a věci z knihy závad opravuje, co v knize není, nikdo neřeší. Pokud ani po nahlášení problém nikdo neřeší, běžte za hospodářkou, nebo zástupcem bloku(ten pak půjde stejně za ní:))

Pokud je rozbitá mikrovlnka, nahlaste to rovnou zástupci bloku. Mikrovlnky se kupují z 6k fondu a ten má na starosti právě zástupce.

...zjistím závadu ve svém pokoji

Stejný postup.. kniha závad na vrátnici, ale spolu s problémem musíte do knihy připsat, že souhlasíte se vstupem pověřeného pracovníka SUZu na pokoj. Tímhle způsobem hlaste opět drobnosti, porouchaná světla, zničená el.zásuvka. Větší závady rovnou za hospodářkou .

...si chci vylepšit kotec a potřebuju dělat díry do zdi

Máte málo místa a přivezli jste si poličky? Abyste mohli vrtat díry do zdi, potřebujete souhlas hospodářky. Stačí za ní zajít a sdělit svou žádost, určitě vám vyhoví. Na konci roku byste měli po sobě ty díry zase zasádrovat, abyste pokoj předali v původním stavu. Bloková vrtačka je ve skladu i se soupravou vrtáků.

Další doporučení:

  • nevrtejte do výstupku u dveří ani u okenních poliček - o ten železobeton jen ztupíte vrták
  • jakmile se provrtáte skrz zeď do vzduchové mezery, znamená to že díra je hotová. Ta další zeď už je souseda!
  • jelikož elektřina je tažena v lištách, tak kromě prostoru mezi elektroměrem a vypínačem světel byste nikde nemeli narazit na el. vedení

...se mi nelíbí barva pokoje a chci si vymalovat

Ani to není problém. Stačí zajít za hospodářkou a říct co máte v plánu. Pokud pokoj vymalujete pastelovými barvami, můžete ho tak nechat i při vašem odchodu, jinak je nutné ho na konci roku vrátit do původního stavu (případně se domluvit s tím kdo bude pokoj obývat po vás). Je tu i možnost žádat po SÚZu peníze, které jste investovali do barvy. A nemusíte ani kupovat výbavu na malování(válečky, štětce), všechno je připraveno ve skladu.

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