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Setting up an address

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Instructions for setting up an address in IS

1. Signing in

Sign in on the page of IS. Direct link to IS

  • user and password are the same as for the Silicon Hill WiFi
  • we recommend you signing into IS while connected to SH Network. The system will automatically recognize you and fill in the username for you.

2. Birthplace

After signing in, you will see your profile. Please check if the box "Place of birth" is correctely filled .

Is address profil.png

If not, please, contact a registrator at your block and and visit them with an ID card or passport.

3. Permanent address

Click on the "Addresses" bookmark and check your permanent address.

Is adresa eng.png

If it is not filled correctly, please, rewrite it.

Is adresa form eng.PNG

Keep your address info updated. If your place of residence is different from your permanent address, you can always add a new contact address.

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