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Block 9

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(Bike depository)
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===Bike depository===
===Bike depository===
If you have a bicycle with you, it does not need to be stored in your small room. You can use the bike depository on this block. Its a small room with a few bike stands and it was never fully used. The location is secret and known only to the people using it and the manager, who is the legendary [[Arnie]]
If you have a bicycle with you, it does not need to be stored in your small room. You can use the bike depository on this block. Its a small room with a few bike stands and quite full these days. The location is secret and known only to the people using it and the manager (see table above).
===Washing machine===
===Washing machine===

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If you have a question about rooms or stuff on the block, contact specific manager (Rooms). If you have questions and comments regarding the block as a whole, please send an e-mail to blok9@sh.cvut.cz

As official information channel serve also localnews (namely group info.blok9) and dashboard.

Block manager/representative

Souček Michal

Alternate block manager/representative

Ondřej Szönyi

Block network admin

Petr Gregor - Gregy

Alternate network admin

Jakub Šefčik – Buddha


  • Jan Šefránek (room 9/417)
  • Jiří Srna (room 9/414)
  • Tomáš Hnídek (room 9/528)


Room Where is it Manager Where to find him How to get inside
Music room basement - north Jirka 441 http://hudebna.sh.cvut.cz
Gym basement – north Vojtin 135 http://posilovna.sh.cvut.cz
Bike depository secret (manager knows) Maja 227 manager has keys
Washing machine 422 - - Keys at the reception
Drying 1 445 Matěj Grajciar 415 manager has keys
Drying 2 332 Baunka 414 manager has keys
Boardroom mezzanine (floor 1 - 2) DeathRock 340 manager has keys
TV room mezipatro 2-3 Borecz 337 manager has keys
Desk football, common room mezzanine (floor 3 - 4) DeathRock 340 manager has keys
Study room mezzanine (floor 4 - 5) Martina, Borecz 410, 337 manager has keys
Bastlírna / Workshop 545 Seth 339 http://macgyver.sh.cvut.cz
Big kitchen 245 Gregy, Buddha, Honza Žák 142, 134, 440 manager has keys

Music room

Room designed to withstand your musical needs, containing drums, pianino, microphones, repro and amplifiers. Its located in the north part of basement at block 9. Its sound proofed, but some noise is still getting out, so be sure to follow the rules and schedule. The entrance is managed by card reader (CTU/ISIC card) and only silicon hill members are allowed (and members of the music room group).

If you want to use the room, go to the manager (Jirka Petrovský).

More info at SH Music rooms (cz only).


Fully equipped gym, after the free registration can be used by all silicon hill memners from block 9. Unlike the big gym on block 2, you dont need sport membersip, only the basic one (basic membership is part of the membership you have if you have internet from siliconn hill). There is a card reader at the entrance and you need your CTU/ISIC card to get in.

Basic rules are:

1) When entering, everybody uses his own card (even when coming as a group)!

2) Have your own tovel

3) When leaving, put everything in its place, turn off hi-fi and close the windows

Gym is monitored by a security camera

More info at Fitcentrum Silicon Hill

Gym at block 9 is managed by Vojtěch Nováček

  • Room: 9/135
  • E-mail: v.novacek@sh.cvut.cz

Bike depository

If you have a bicycle with you, it does not need to be stored in your small room. You can use the bike depository on this block. Its a small room with a few bike stands and quite full these days. The location is secret and known only to the people using it and the manager (see table above).

Washing machine

In the room 9/422 are two industrial wahing machines with 40 minutes washing cycles. To use them you have to pay 20,- Kč/hour .

Keys can be borowed at the reception against dorm card. When borrowing, tell the receptionist how many washing mashines are you going to use (one or two), so the receptionist wont borrow the second key to someone else.

How to tell receptionist I want to use washing machines?

Simply say following to him/her or write it down on the paper so he/she knows.

"Chci si pujcit klic od pradelny" = I want to borrow the key from washing machines.

"Neumim cesky" = I dont unerstand czech language

"Budu prat ve dvou prackach" = I will use both washing machines.

"Budu prat v jedne pracce" = I will use one washing machine.

Washing is simple and average student of CTU manages it for (hopefully) the first (or the second) time. :)

The steps are following:

  1. Start the electricity for the washing machine(s) by the on/off switch on the wall
  2. Start the water by turning the valve connected to the water pipes (perpendicular to the wall = open, parallel with wall = closed)
  3. Start the washing machine by the button on the front panel of the machine
  4. Chose a program by the buttons on the panel (normal washing in 40 C is program number 4)
  5. Open the soap dispenser and put the washing powder into the left one and(or) the fabric softener in the right one and close it.
  6. Put the clothes into washing machine and close the doors
  7. Press the START/STOP button and have 40 minutes break. (Wait a minute to see is the machine is really filling with water and clacks as the doors lock)

After the cycle is done:

  1. Open the doors by pressing the key symbol (it takes a while)
  2. Unload the clothes and check if anything is still inside.
  4. Close the water valves
  6. CLOSE THE DOORS AND RUN TO THE RECEPTION before next hour starts (so they wont charge you more)


The clothes you washed have to dry somewhere, so in order to keep your room usable there is this room, where you can put all your wet clothes and let it dry.

Because the demand is large, there are two rooms like that on this block (3rd floor south - room 322 and 4th floor north - room 445). Drying room are usually borrowed for one day (starting in the evening) - specific information are on the doors of each manager.

Every room has its own reservations list on the doors of the managers, where you write your name, room and day/time. Keys are borrowed from the manager of the room, who will need your dormitories card to check your identity and write it to the books (to prevent stealing of clothes). If there is noone in the manager's room try the man who had the room borrowed before you.

3rd floor drying room (9/322) manager is Barbora Zamazalová

  • Room: 9/414
  • E-mail: b.zamazalova@sh.cvut.cz
  • JID: zamazbar@gmail.com
  • ICQ: 220380131

4th floor drying room (9/455) manager is Matěj Grajciar

  • Room: 9/415
  • E-mail: m.grajciar@sh.cvut.cz


Newly reconstructed room between first and second floor on the north side (mezzanine between 1st and 2nd floor) with office chairs and whiteboard. Its multipurpose room for studying, debates, meetings, board games, lecturing etc.

There is internet connection for strahov residents realized by a wi-fi access point in the room (so in order to borrow a key you must be a silicon hill member).

Keys can be borrowed from the manager against your dormitories card.

The manager is Ondřej Szönyi

TV room

The name is a bit confusing, because there is no TV in that room. Actually, the room is used only by DDR players/dancers and sometimes for watching movies on projector etc.

There are few chairs, three tables and few old beds used as sofas in the room. Everything of value is sadly stolen soon after installing, so there is nothing like it in there.

Manager of the TV room is Borecz. If you want to use DDR pads, contact its manager.

Common room

Or also football room - is located in mezzanine betwen 3th and 4th floor. Common room with desk football, darts and DDR pads, projection screen, armchairs, couch and fridge, used for all kinds of celebrations and meetings. Smoking is strictly forbidden in this room (and every other common room).

Keys can be borrowed from Ondřej Szönyi against the dorm card (same with darts and balls for desk football)

Study room

Located in the mezzanine between 4th and 5th floor. Name speaks for itself. When you need calm place to study, this is the place. Room contains chairs, tables and few older drawing boards.

There is also functional fan on the ceiling - the controls are near the light switches.

Keys can be borrowed against valid dorm card.

Bastlírna / Workshop

Fully equipped electrotechnical workshop project MacGyver - SH bastlíři located on the fifth floor (9/545) - if you are enthusiast and want to make something, or just need something easily fixed (notebook destroyed by steam roller is not the option), be sure to stop by. You have the opportunity to meet with the best people in electrical engineering and robotics at CTU. Every week Monday to Thursday, 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. there is someone from the MacGyver club.

More info and contacts at MacGyver - SH bastlíři.

Big kitchen

For bigger cooking, baking and frying we have a beautifully decorated large kitchen with seating and a large oven. Located on the second floor next to the elevator - door number 245.

Big kitchen is managed by:

Stuff to borrow

Block stuff can be borrowed only by students living on the block, when they identify themselves (give manager their dorm card)

Vacuum cleaner 209 wyssnna against dorm card

Ironing board





against dorm card
Grill 435 Meza (p.mezek@sh.cvut.cz) against dorm card
Power consumption meter 113 Gregy against dorm card
DDR pads 337 Borecz against dorm card

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